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The Bounty (1984)

Fletcher Christian (Mel Gibson) og Captain William Bligh (Anthony Hopkins) på tur med The Bounty mens tingenes tilstand ennå er prikkfrie i "The Bounty".

Directed by:
Roger Donaldson
Historical drama
Mytteriet på Bounty
130 minutes

Produced by:
Bernard Williams

Written by:
Robert Bolt

Based on the novel "Captain Bligh and Mr. Christian" by:
Richard Hough

Cast includes:

Fletcher Christian Mel Gibson ½
Lt. William Bligh Anthony Hopkins ½
Adm. Hood Laurence Olivier -
Capt. Greetham Edward Fox -
John Fryer Daniel Day-Lewis
William Cole Bernard Hill
Edward Young Philip Davis ½
Churchill Liam Neeson ½
King Tynah Wi Kuki Kaa ½
Mauatua Tevaite Vernette
Seaman John Adams Philip Martin Brown -
Seaman Thomas Ellison Dexter Fletcher -



This fourth movie adaptation of history's most renowned mutiny is told mainly from the perspective of Captain Bligh, when he is being court-martialed in Portsmouth after having returned home. The filmmakers' idea is to paint a more balance picture of the power struggle between our protagonists Bligh and Fletcher Christian, in contrast to the traditional dichotomous portrait of Bligh as the villain and Christian as the hero (such as in Frank Lloyd's 1935 version and Lewis Milestone's 1962 adaptation). Vangelis' synthesizers and Dino De Laurentiis' lavish production effectively transports you simultaneously back to 1984 and the 18th century, and Australian director Roger Donaldson, who took over from David Lean at some point during a long-winded development phase, has good command over the seafarer action and the many characters involved here. He creates a solid foundation for Anthony Hopkins to exercise his powerful, nuanced performance as Lt. William Bligh. A performance which propels The Bounty forward and elevates Mel Gibson's sometimes wild eyed acting. There is, however, a wonderful sensuality to Gibson's interplay with Tevaite Vernette as his Tahitian girlfriend Mauatua. And when the stiffish Britons are invited into a world of unrestrained carnality, the film convincingly taps into the essence of what arguably instigated the mutiny itself.

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