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Bobby (2006)

Emilio Estevez
112 minutes
Edward Bass
Michel Litvak
Holly Wiersma
Emilio Estevez

Cast includes:

Nelson Harry Belafonte
Patricia Joe Bryant
Dawyne Nick Cannon
Tim Emilio Estevez
Edward Laurence Fishburne
Jimmy Brian Geraghty
Angela Heather Graham
John Anthony Hopkins
Samantha Helen Hunt
Wade Joshua Jackson
Fisher Ashton Kutcher
Cooper Shia LaBeouf
Diane Lindsay Lohan
Paul William H. Macy
Lenka Svetlana Metkina
Virginia Demi Moore
Jose Freddy Rodriguez
Jack Martin Sheen
Daryl Christian Slater
Miriam Sharon Stone
Miguel Jacob Vargas
William Elijah Wood
Himself (archive footage) Robert F. Kennedy



Emilio Estevez' resonant rendition of the night of 5 June 1968 at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles is an echoing comment about a society with dangerously deviating tendencies. It is a powerful political criticism that never degrades to simple kicks or propaganda.

Weaving the lives of an ensemble of fictitious characters connected to Robert F. Kennedy or the Ambassador Hotel that crucial day and night of RFK's assassination with the real-life circumstances around Kennedy's presidential campaign and the state of affairs in US politics at the time, Estevez embarks on a filmatic and narratively ambitious project. The proportions of the film are massive, but for all the issues he touches upon, it is the filmmaker's clever approach that prevents the film from becoming overloaded. It is up to the viewer and our individual ballast to what degree and on what level Bobby will work. The remarkable is that it will be fruitful for most backgrounds, and very fruitful for those who bring multiple points of view.

Technically, the film is incredibly impressive - the combination of archive and new footage works like a charm, bringing the spirit and thinking of RFK closer to an audience than it has been for a long time. And the film is elegantly cut and shot by Estevez - whose uncanny combination of the lightly humorous and the profoundly complex provides the foundation for a layered, entertaining and electric film. The combination of engaging, episodic drama and poignant social and political comments makes Bobby a stirringly effective remark on how very different the world situation could have been today had it not been for two infamous assassinations of two of the most visionary American figures of the 20th century.

Copyright 22.10.2007 Fredrik Gunerius Fevang