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Traffic (2000)

Directed by:
Steven Soderbergh



147 minutes

Produced by:
Edward Zwick
Marshall Herskovitz
Laura Bickford

Written by (based on the miniseries "Traffik" by Simon Moore):
Stephen Gaghan

Cast includes:

Javier Rodriguez Rodríguez Benicio del Toro
Manolo Sanchez Jacob Vargas ˝
Ana Sanchez Marisol Padilla Sánchez -
General Arturo Salazar Tomas Milian -
Robert Wakefield Michael Douglas
Barbara Wakefield Amy Irving
Caroline Wakefield Erika Christensen ˝
Seth Abrahams Topher Grace
Jeff Sheridan D. W. Moffett -
General Ralph Landry James Brolin -
White House Chief of Staff Albert Finney -
Carlos Ayala Steven Bauer
Helena Ayala Catherine Zeta-Jones
Arnie Metzger Dennis Quaid ˝
Francisco "Frankie Flowers" Flores Clifton Collins Jr. ˝
Montel Gordon Don Cheadle
Ray Castro Luis Guzmán ˝
Eduardo Ruiz Miguel Ferrer
Michael Adler Peter Riegert -
Juan Obregón Benjamin Bratt -
Social Worker Viola Davis -
Assistant DA Dan Colier John Slattery -
Prosecutor James Pickens Jr. -


Salma Hayek -



Stephen Gaghan won a whole host of awards for his expertly interwoven script about drug use and trafficking, adapted from Simon Moore's acclaimed BBC miniseries which aired in 1989. And with the addition of Steven Soderbergh's grainy cinematography and strong emphasis on characters over compositions, Traffic became a vanguard for the current age of Prestige TV. If at first you may be detracted by the director's unattractive colour palette and bumpy handheld camera, the power of the material soon takes centre-stage and you may find yourself agreeing with Soderbergh that his stylistics do in fact give the story an added urgency and intimacy. Nevertheless, it is the clever and all-encompassing story which makes Traffic an engrossing watch. Centering on a dozen principal characters whose stories are more or less woven together, the movie covers most every aspect of the drug world. And the fine cast of characters revel in these fruitful circumstances, some of whom give close to career-best performances, including Benicio Del Toro as a Mexican police officer, Michael Douglas in a fine role with an arguably personal aspect, young Erika Christensen as his rebellious, addicted daughter, and last but not least Clifton Collins Jr. as a sicario in a pickle. The movie is crowned by trendsetting and highly evocative use of ambient music by Cliff Martinez.

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