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Starsky and Hutch (2004)

Directed by:
Todd Phillips
Starsky og Hutch
101 minutes
Produced by:
William Blinn
Stuart Cornfeld
Akiva Goldsman
Tony Ludwig
Alan Richie
Written by (based on characters created by William Blinn):
John O'Brian

Todd Phillips
Scot Armstrong

Cast includes:

David Starsky Ben Stiller
Ken Hutchison Owen Wilson
Huggy Bear Snoop Dogg
Captain Doby Fred Williamson
Reese Feldman Vince Vaughn
Kitty Juliette Lewis
Staci Carmen Electra
Manetti Chris Penn
Big Earl Will Ferrell
Original Starsky Paul Michael Glaser
Original Hutch David Soul



The fast becoming classic comedy pair Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson revive the popular TV-series from the seventies in this stylistically clean-cut and well-humoured film by Todd Phillips. Starsky and Hutch is essentially a movie fitted neatly into a well-known (and not too creative) formula, but it still works because it knows what it is and tries to do, and (most importantly) doesn't try too hard. The mentioned pairing of Stiller and Wilson has proved fruitful before (notably in Zoolander), and here they thrive on their good rhythm, charisma and comedic complementarity. The pace of the movie is fine too, knowing that - although this is a crime story - building suspense isn't the main focus point here. It's essence is to keep its humour sharp, its characters fresh and its narrative dynamic. Starsky and Hutch does all that, and thus makes for one of those enjoyable movies, that can even crack up a few great laughs now and then.

Copyright 8.10.2004 Fredrik Gunerius Fevang [HAVE YOUR SAY]