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S I N C E   1 9 9 7


Secret Window (2004)

Directed by:
David Koepp
Secret Window
96 minutes
Produced by:
Gavine Polono
Written by (based on a novella by Stephen King):
David Koepp

Cast includes:

Mort Rainey Johnny Depp
John Shooter John Turturro
Amy Rainey Maria Bello
Ted Milner Timothy Hutton
Ken Karsh Charles S. Dutton



Secret Window is essentially a classically built-up mystery-thriller. It's a "who dunnit" except that we know the "who" (apparently), and the "it" is not yet done. Johnny Depp stars in a role we've come accustomed to seeing him in as the eccentric loner who is or is on the verge of becoming a social misfit. Depp works this role so well that we're instantly drawn to his character and spun into his world. What then is presented is a mystery and a very 'Stephen Kingish' one at that (how many times have we seen King write a writer as his protagonist). But instead of focusing merely on solving the mystery, Secret Window is a very intelligent and thoughtful movie that first and foremost wants to explore and understand its characters. David Koepp directs with a brilliant sense of narrative tempo and, perhaps more surprisingly, an incredible sense for the visuals. Of course, with Depp, we also get a fair share of comedy, but the movie's main asset is its psychological drama, and that is in the case of this film just as thrilling as the scares.

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