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Anne of the Thousand Days (1969)

Directed by:
Charles Jarrott
United Kingdom

Historical drama

Dronning for tusen dager

145 minutes

Produced by:
Hal B. Wallis

Written by (based on the play by Maxwell Anderson):
Bridget Boland
John Hale

Cast includes:

King Henry VIII Richard Burton
Anne Boleyn Geneviève Bujold ½
Catherine of Aragon Irene Papas
Cardinal Thomas Wolsey Anthony Quayle ½
Thomas Cromwell John Colicos
Thomas Boleyn Michael Hordern
Elizabeth Boleyn Katharine Blake -
Mary Boleyn Valerie Gearon -
George Boleyn Michael Johnson -
Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk Peter Jeffrey -
Bishop Fisher Joseph O'Conor -
Sir Thomas More William Squire
Sir William Kingston Esmond Knight -
Lady Kingston Nora Swinburne -
Sir William Brereton Brook Williams -
Mark Smeaton Gary Bond -



A rather lavish British production centering on Henry VIII and his infatuation with and marriage to his second wife Anne Boleyn in 16th century Tudor England. Filmed at authentic locations such as Penshurst Place and Hever Castle, where Boleyn grew up, Anne of the Thousand Days has that historical allure and grandeur which facilitates your investment in the story. And the story, adapted from Maxwell Anderson's successful 1948 play starring Rex Harrison and Joyce Redman, is cleverly devised with its fine balance between the sophisticated and the scandalous aspects of the tale. Richard Burton and Guenvieve Bujold create two fascinatingly complex characters out of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, which makes the drama constantly captivating even when the movie occasionally appears staged or theoretical. There are fine supporting performances all around, particularly by Anthony Quayle as Cardinal Thomas Wolsey and John Colicos as the snakelike lawyer Cromwell. Costume designer Margaret Furse (Becket, The Lion in Winter) won the Oscar for her work.

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