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The Zone of Interest (2023)

Directed by:
Jonathan Glazer
USA/United Kingdom/Poland

Historical drama

The Zone of Interest

105 minutes

Produced by:
James Wilson
Ewa Puszczynska
Written by (based on the novel by Martin Amis):
Jonathan Glazer

Cast includes:


Rudolf Höss

Christian Friedel ½

Hedwig Höss

Sandra Hüller

Oswald Pohl

Ralph Herforth -

Gerhard Maurer

Daniel Holzberg -

Arthur Liebehenschel

Sascha Maaz -
Eleonore Pohl Freya Kreutzkam -
Linna Hensel Imogen Kogge -
Klaus Höss Johann Karthaus -
Heidetraut Höss Lilli Falk -
Inge-Brigitt Höss Nele Ahrensmeier -
Hans-Jürgen Höss Luis Noah Witte -



This handsomely photographed and nicely structured WWII drama invites you into the respectable upper class household of the Höss family, who live in safety and affluence right outside the gates of Auschwitz. While the children play with their latest toys and their mother is busy trying on leftover dresses and fur coats, their father and husband is busy planning more efficient ways of disposing of and cremating the prisoners inside the camp. The filmmaker behind this rather debilitating film experience is Jonathan Glazer (Sexy Beast, Birth), who himself adapted Martin Amis' novel and worked for years with the production. In depicting the superficial daily life within the Höss household, The Zone of Interest challenges your own gravitation towards a perception of normalcy in the face of the unspeakable. It's a taxing and in many ways stagnant, but nevertheless very effective move. And Glazer's aesthetically pleasing images of Frau Höss' uncluttered and unblemished house put everything into a particularly unpleasant perspective. The film reaches its artistic and emotional zenith with a handful of effective juxtapositions in which the atrocities are never seen, but certainly heard, perceived and felt. Christian Friedel and Sandra Hüller are perfectly cast as Herr und Frau Höss, although this is never really about the characters as such. The effective score is by British experimental composer Mica Levi.

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