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Village of the Damned (1995)

John Carpenter
Science Fiction/Horror
Village of the Damned

98 minutes

Michael Preger
Sandy King
David Himmelstein

Cast includes:

Alan Chaffee Christopher Reeve
Dr. Susan Verner Kristie Alley ˝
Jill McGowan Linda Kozlowski
Frank McGowan Michael Paré -
Melanie Roberts Meredith Salenger -
Reverend George Mark Hamill ˝
David Thomas Dekker
Mara Lindsey Haun



Although this remake of the 1960 British horror classic doesn't quite look and feel its $22 million budget plus is somewhat bumpily edited, John Carpenter catches the essence of the story and transfers the eerie premise effectively to the screen thanks to fine casting and some well executed decisive segments. Christopher Reeve and Kirstie Alley play respectively the town doctor and the government researcher who realize a little too well what really happened to the small coastal town of Midwich, California when a strange "blackout" left the entire population temporarily unconscious and then ten random women pregnant with what turns out to be overly polite, bright and self-sufficient children. For a 1990s horror film, Village of the Damned is not particularly graphic; instead Carpenter creates real, timeless chills by putting the fascinating thematic concept from John Wyndham's novel to good use. The film's sociological and psychological aspects transcend the largely formulaic horror universe they are born out of. And the delightful performances by the children, particularly little Thomas Dekker as David, coupled with Carpenter's evocative music make this an effective chiller. It was Reeve's last performance before his accident.

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