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Space Cowboys (2000)

Directed by:
Clint Eastwood
Space Cowboys
130 minutes
Produced by:
Clint Eastwood
Written by:
Ken Kaufmann
Howard Klausner

Cast includes:

Dr. Frank Corvin Clint Eastwood
William 'Hawk' Hawkins Tommy Lee Jones
Jerry O'Neill Donald Sutherland
Tank Sullivan James Garner
Bob Gerson James Cromwell
Sara Holland Marcia Gay Harden
Gene Davis William Devane
Ethan Glance Loren Dean
Roger Hines Courtney B. Vance
General Vostow Rade Serbedzija



This senior citizen adventure functions as a swan-song for four fine aging actors as well as for the four characters embodied by them. Eastwood, Jones, Sutherland and Garner aren't acting as much as they are performing an epitome of their respective careers, but it's carried out with such joy, thankfulness and honesty that it works as an incredible inspiration for the entire movie. Although Space Cowboys is essentially a space-action movie, it is clearly a Clint Eastwood-version of that. Without subjecting to emotional outburst, Eastwood has an efficient way of portraying human relations on film, and he delivers again with this movie. Sure, there is a fair share of quite predictable and trivial stuff here (especially in the dialogue, and particularly with the Cromwell and Devane characters), but then again that is how the "bad guys" used to be when these four actors "grew up" in front of the camera. What is not to be undermined, however, is that this is actually both a thoughtful drama and a clever sci-fi (even if the cold war politics seem a bit too resilient). Of the four leads, only James Garner seem a bit weary, but then again he is the senior in the group. Sutherland and Jones both shine and are clearly having a great time. And so are we.

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