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Marvin's Room (1996)

Jerry Zaks


Marvins døtre

98 minutes

Scott Rudin
Jane Rosenthal
Robert De Niro
Screenwriter (based on his own play):
Scott McPherson

Cast inkluderer:

Karakter Skuespiller Vurdering
Lee Meryl Streep ½
Hank Leonardo DiCaprio
Bessie Diane Keaton ½
Dr. Wally Robert De Niro ½
Marvin Hume Cronyn -
Ruth Gwen Verdon -
Charlie Hal Scardino -
Bob Dan Hedaya -



A down-to-earth drama about the small things in life, and the ethical aspects of them. Based on a play by Scott McPherson (he also wrote the screenplay himself), the film wants to be food for thought, but without exactly making a feast of itself. The filmmakers want to make you want to learn something, but the film is more interesting as an observer of the trivial things in life than for connecting any dots. The drama is solid, but nevertheless a little dull. It's a film revolving around acting performances – several of which are very, very good. Meryl Streep and Diane Keaton both demonstrate that their talents aren't just referenced in old film reviews, but are actually flourishing. Also with Robert De Niro in a small fourth-billed part, Leonardo DiCaprio in a performance which is influenced by his work in This Boys Life and The Basketball Diaries, and Dan Hedaya in an amusing cameo as De Niro's companion.

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