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Maestro (2023)

Directed by:
Bradley Cooper
United States



129 minutes

Produced by:
Martin Scorsese
Bradley Cooper
Steven Spielberg
Fred Berner
Amy Durning
Kristie Macosko Krieger
Written by:
Bradley Cooper
Josh Singer

Cast includes:


Felicia Montealegre

Carey Mulligan

Leonard Bernstein

Bradley Cooper

David Oppenheim

Matt Bomer -

Bruno Zirato

Vincenzo Amato -
Isaac Greg Hildreth -
Jerry Robbins

Michael Urie


Aaron Copland

Brian Klugman -

Adolph Green

Nick Blaemire -
Betty Comden Mallory Portnoy -
Shirley Bernstein

Sarah Silverman

Serge Koussevitzky

Yasen Peyankov

Mendy Wager

Zachary Booth

Cynthia O'Neal

Miriam Shor

Jamie Bernstein

Maya Hawke




The one thing Maestro, Bradley Cooper's new biopic about the composer Leonard Bernstein, arguably has been most criticized for may well be the film's most impressive asset: the best prosthetic nose in the history of motion pictures. Cooper directs (his second outing, after A Star Is Born) and also stars as Bernstein. And it really is an uncanny acting performance. He pinpoints the composer in everything from mannerisms to parlance and cadence. A good starting point for a biographical dissection indeed, and the film also looks extremely good, with nice cinematography by Matthew Libatique. The only thing missing here is a storyline and a justification for the film's mere existence. After an hour, Maestro still hasn't substantiated why we should care about this man and his wife, or what his fame, status and persona was all about, for that matter. In all his hubris, Cooper forgets to showcase and tell the story of his subject, which should be an obvious prerequisite for any biopic. Instead, we get what can only be described as an utterly 2023 movie, mainly concerned with pillow talk, identity, and trivialities, all of which grossly overshadow what you would expect a film about a composer to be about: the music. Certainly, Mr. Bernstein cannot have been this boring, Mr. Cooper? Also with Carey Mulligan in a fine turn as Mrs. Bernstein, and a large cast of supporting characters, none of which are really fleshed out. They simply appear and disappear in various cameos.

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