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Anatomie d'une chute (2023)

Directed by:
Justine Triet

Anatomy of a Fall



Fritt fall

152 minutes

Produced by:
Marie-Ange Luciani
David Thion

Written by:
Justine Triet
Arthur Harari

Cast includes:


Sandra Voyter

Sandra Hüller ½

Vincent Renzi

Swann Arlaud

Daniel Maleski

Milo Machado Graner ½
The prosecutor Antoine Reinartz
Samuel Maleski Samuel Theis -
Marge Berger Jehnny Beth



The basic premise is as unsophisticated as it is timeless: a man falls to his death from the upper floor of the family house, with his wife somewhere at the premises and his visually impaired son out walking the family dog. How did it happen? And who, if anyone, is to blame? Anatomie d'une chute is the descriptive title of this mystery drama – a title which alludes to writer/director Justine Triet's exhaustive dissection of said fall and everyone affected by it. On the one side a traditional but extraordinarily thorough procedural thriller, on the other one of the most nuanced human dramas of later years, Anatomie d'une chute represents a welcome return for the serious drama movies with a wide appeal for adult audiences. The interpersonal aspects of the story, which is written by Triet and her co-writer (and partner) Arthur Harari, harbour a complete respect for and understanding of the human psyche, with minimal regard for genre conventions, except of course in the unveiling of the mystery itself. The result is a clever amalgam of movie traditions, which makes Anatomie d'une chute one of the most accomplished and all the same entertaining pictures of 2023. Sandra Hüller gives a complete, unvarnished performance as the protagonist under scrutiny, in which the German actress' ever-present whiff of smugness comes into full effect. Still, the most impressive performance among a fine cast belongs to young Milo Machado Graner as the 11-year-old son. He perfectly conveys how vulnerability is transformed to tenacity during our adolescence, a process which in this case is expedited when the boy is faced with the insufferable. Anatomie d'une chute is a must-see for movie buffs, and a worthy Palme d'Or winner.

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